UN ineffectiveness enables rogue leaders

By Richard Olivastro
Posted 5/1/07

Testing boundaries is an innate part of human nature; we see it happen as children test their parents. Testing boundaries is also a part of our culture; we see it from entertainers looking to grab headlines. And testing boundaries is a part of …

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UN ineffectiveness enables rogue leaders


Testing boundaries is an innate part of human nature; we see it happen as children test their parents. Testing boundaries is also a part of our culture; we see it from entertainers looking to grab headlines. And testing boundaries is a part of international relations and behavior among nations. This last example is one where the consequences of action and, more importantly, inaction will have significant and lasting effects on us all. There is no better example of this than examining how countries interact with — and within — the United Nations.

It is one thing to be unwilling or unable to enforce the rules with children. It is quite another to avoid responsibility, abdicate authority and cede control in international relations.

Within the international community there will always be countries whose leaders will test the resolve of the United States and the United Nations. At the beginning of 2002, President Bush properly identified North Korea, Iran and Iraq as an “Axis of Evil,” noting “the price of indifference would be catastrophic.”

Many people — including many Americans — assume, or want to assume, the United Nations is a “watchdog for the world.” If this is true — that the UN is a watchdog that “barks” a warning and is willing and able to “bite” — then why does North Korea’s leader show no fear and Iran’s leader show no fear?

The similarities between North Korea and Iran are painfully obvious.

In addition, North Korea observed the UN and its lack of decisiveness of sanctions on Iran.

Clearly, Iran’s actions are yet another example of the growing reality that the U.N. is nothing more than a nuisance that can be ignored. Ahmandinejad broke his country’s silence and displayed, on the world stage, his desire to pursue uranium enrichment and clearly tells the U.N there is nothing that can be done to stop him.

If UN resolutions and debate could solve problems, they have blown enough hot air to solve the world’s problems twice over. Unfortunately, that is the fact of the matter.

Setting boundaries, establishing lines and defining implications, including the threat of action, is the cornerstone of effective resolutions and effective sanctions. The boundaries and the lines are meaningless — rendering the words hollow — without the determination to take such action.

The United Nations organization sometimes talks tough in front of the cameras. But when it comes to taking united action to stop terrorist groups and evil regimes, individual member interests often undermine security interests. Perhaps, some member countries don’t want to make their own country a target. As a result, more and more Americans are realizing that the UN organization itself is becoming a growing threat to our own national safety and security.

It is time for the United States to take strong action against any and all threats, including the ineffective institutionalism of the United Nations.

1. It is time to send a message to the world that the UN has become nothing more than a country club for some member countries and their leaders, who directly and indirectly aid and support terrorist groups and renegade countries. Their aim and goals are to undermine and to attack the United States. The worst thing we can do as a sovereign nation is give credibility to the UN by working within these current protocols.

2. It is time for Americans to publicly acknowledge the truth: That the UN lacks the will to stand up to evil regimes and their crazy network of terrorists. Too many UN members clearly do not have the guts.

3. It is for all American citizens to consider cutting funding to the United Nations. If the organization isn’t entirely dedicated to American principles, then it is not deserving of American taxpayer support. Any organization or individual who objects to the current War on Terror, but does not chart a new course toward victory, provides strategic comfort to an enemy seeking to enslave Americans and freedom-loving people everywhere.

For our safety, our security and the very existence of a civilized world, all Americans must stand firm. And the United Nations must stand with America. As British statesman Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

The only reliable guarantee of freedom, for free people everywhere, is a coalition of the willing. We must be in agreement that these “axis of evil” nations and the UN itself cannot be trusted. And if they cannot be trusted then they must face clear, timely consequences for their actions.