If no one else will say it, I will

Bob Morgan Carry On
Posted 8/6/13

College football season is looming and it’s time for me to weigh in on all things sports. I’m going to say what I say because nobody else will say it.


Get real! It isn’t injuries that have hampered Tiger’s golf game the …

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If no one else will say it, I will


College football season is looming and it’s time for me to weigh in on all things sports. I’m going to say what I say because nobody else will say it.


Get real! It isn’t injuries that have hampered Tiger’s golf game the past few years ... nor his swing ... nor his clubs ... nor his caddy. What was the one thing Tiger had plenty of when he was winning all those majors and was the undisputed No. 1 athlete on the planet? Answer: s-e-x. What Tiger is missing now isn’t his swing but his “swinging.” Tiger was raised to believe that the limitations mere mortals have to contend with didn’t apply to him, nor did the rules. We believed that too. He could hit incredible golf shots; he could impose his will on a golf course; he had everybody else playing for second place. Likewise, being immortal in his own head, he could have whatever he wanted and that included hotties as well as tournament wins. Then, that fateful Thanksgiving a few years back, reality struck Tiger right between the eyes. He learned that even Zeus’s private life can be exposed and subjected to ridicule. A god doesn’t go to rehab, especially for sex addiction. The bottom line is Tiger is having a problem dealing with being mortal. I can’t see him winning another major tournament, certainly not enough to top Jack Nicklaus’s 18 majors. Tiger’s game is now downright - what? - flaccid.


I said it right here last year. I urged Johnny Manziel to “Run, Johnny, run from the Heisman Trophy.” Did anybody listen to me? Give the Heisman Trophy to a freshman from the state of Texas: What could go wrong? Well, everything! “Johnny Football” has made a fool of himself in the offseason and now Johnny’s parents are worried about his drinking and the pressure he’s under. Me, I’d be worried too. Texas is where everything is bigger than life, including egos. Take a kid from a rich, Texas oil family and turn him into a sports god at 20 and what do you get? You get a “Dallas” episode and Johnny Football isn’t Bobby Ewing. He isn’t even Jock Ewing. He’s J.R. Ewing! I say Johnny won’t come close to the Heisman again and Texas A&M will struggle to win 11 games the way they did last year. Will his teammates even block for Johnny Football in 2013? Me, I’m hoping Johnny can cope with the rest of his life. Seriously.


Here’s this year’s warning: “Run, Tim, run from the NFL.” Tim has the same problem that Johnny Manziel has, although most people would say they are polar opposites. Truth is, they’re more alike than one might think. Johnny attends frat parties, pals around with entertainers, appears in music videos, goes to casinos and tweets stuff that keeps him in trouble. Johnny, as it were, walks on the “dark” side. Tim talks God-talk, gives inspirational speeches and is respected by millions for his religious convictions. Tim walks in the “light.” Yet, Tim is just as arrogant as Johnny, insisting that he can play in the National Football League against practically every expert’s opinion to the contrary. Johnny won’t listen; Tim won’t listen. Tim, the Almighty has been good to you, but even He didn’t let Moses go into the Promised Land with the rest of the Israelites. As sure as partying goeth before Johnny’s fall, pride goeth before your own. Get out of the NFL and become an evangelist or missionary or something. It’s been a long time since we’ve had an Albert Schweitzer. Try to achieve that legendary status!


Seriously, I hope you’re not one of the knuckleheads who actually believes the four-team college football playoff system that goes into effect in 2014 is going to solve anything. Quick, cite the creation of a committee, commission, tribunal, board or delegation of human beings that has ever solved a problem once and for all. Isn’t a blue-ribbon panel or committee, like the one that will decide who makes the four-team playoff, typically made up of influential people who have by and large created the problem that needs fixing? Seems to me the BCS got it right more times than not.


E. Gordon Gee, Anthony Weiner, Paula Deen, Lindsay Lohan, Mitch McConnell, Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, Simon Cowell, Lou Holtz and Gary Busey.

Bob Morgan is a retired, award-winning journalist and an author.