Secrets and martinis flow in “Sealed for Freshness”


Simply put, the ladies of “Sealed for Freshness” wish they were the characters from “Steel Magnolias” says Director Chase S. Morrisette.

Instead, the attendees of this Tupperware party, set in 1968, are a who’s who of the stereotypical roles that women were boxed into during the era. When the party starts and the drinks flow, so do secrets, accusations and hilarity.

“Sealed for Freshness” is the second offering of Exit Stage Left’s inaugural season. The theatre troupe was formed in April 2021 by a group of friends who had worked in various productions throughout Baldwin County over the years.

Anna Hallex plays Bonnie, the put-upon hostess. The party is rounded out by Josh Kesling, who plays her husband, Nick Cole, as Jean, the snooty neighbor, Autumn Chunn, the ditzy newlywed, Logan Lane, the pregnant sister of the catalyst of this whole crazy shing dig, the Tupperware Lady, played by Jean Jennifer McBrayer.

Morrisette, who delivered the stunning production of “Magnolia” in 2019 to standing room only audiences said “Sealed for Freshness” is not well known but should be.

He said he was introduced to the production in college during scene study sessions.

“It’s been in the back of my mind for the past 15 years,” he said. “It’s like the real housewives of the 60s.”

The comedy, he warned, is not a family comedy.

“They out a lot of each others’ secrets,” he said.

The show runs just one weekend at the Foley Civic Center beginning Friday.

Laster this month Exit Stage Left will hold auditions for its spring production of “Into the Woods.”

Auditions will be held Feb. 24 – 27 for ages 7 and up. Auditions times are scheduled online at

The group will also offer a summer camp from June 6 – 17 to kick off the 2022 – 2023 theater season. Watch the Facebook page for registration info at \exitstagelefttheatre

Morrisette said the inaugural season will end with a literal bang as the group hosts a groundbreaking for its own theater to be located just outside Foley city limits.

“It’s amazing. We’re moving at warp speed and we’re ecstatic,” he said.