New ENERGY STAR tools simplify energy-efficient home improvements

GCM Staff Report
Posted 6/15/24

On May 30, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the introduction of two groundbreaking ENERGY STAR resources aimed at aiding households nationwide in leveraging …

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New ENERGY STAR tools simplify energy-efficient home improvements


On May 30, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the introduction of two groundbreaking ENERGY STAR resources aimed at aiding households nationwide in leveraging incentives provided by the Inflation Reduction Act for energy-saving home enhancements.

The unveiling of a new home improvement savings web tool and the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider Partnership marks a significant step forward in addressing the major obstacles Americans encounter when considering energy-efficient upgrades for their residences – primarily, the cost and complexity associated with procurement and installation. These resources aim to simplify the process, making energy-saving upgrades more accessible to all Americans and facilitating savings on energy costs while ensuring a healthier and more comfortable living environment for years to come.

"For decades, the ENERGY STAR program has guided consumers towards efficient products that reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in substantial savings for both the individual and the nation as a whole," said EPA Administrator Michael Regan. "These new resources are key to making progress in fighting the climate crisis and will help make energy efficient options more affordable and accessible, particularly for millions of low-income and disadvantaged households across the nation."

The newly launched home savings web tool operates on a zip code-based system, enabling users to identify all available energy efficiency incentives in their respective areas. It showcases utility rebates, federal income tax credits and Inflation Reduction Act state rebates for home efficiency enhancements. More than a mere directory of incentives, the tool serves as a comprehensive resource, offering guidance on purchasing, information on eligible products, and links to local retailers and installers.

  • Federal tax credits provide annual discounts of 30% of project costs, up to $3,200, for products such as heat pump HVAC, heat pump water heaters, windows and insulation.
  • New York leads as the first state to initiate its Inflation Reduction Act rebate program, offering incentives tailored to low-income households, with several other states set to follow suit.

To assist American families in navigating the intricate home improvement landscape, the EPA is pleased to introduce the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider Partnership, featuring six inaugural members. These companies and community-based organizations specialize in offering concierge services, aiding customers with sales, installation, incentives, and financing for comprehensive efficiency upgrades. In order to earn recognition from the ENERGY STAR program, these partners undergo screening based on their quality control procedures, installer qualifications and oversight and fair financing practices. The charter partners include:

  • Air Service Professionals
  • Pearl Certification
  • Philadelphia Energy Authority
  • QuitCarbon
  • Sealed Inc.
  • Sears Home Improvement

ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider Partners enhance their customer offerings by assisting them in adopting elements of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade – a set of six high-impact improvements designed to deliver significant energy and cost savings by addressing major energy users in most homes. These improvements include ENERGY STAR certified heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, smart thermostats and windows, in addition to well-insulated and sealed attics and electric-ready wiring/panel improvements. The completion of these upgrades, whether done all at once or as equipment needs replacing, is estimated to deliver average energy bill savings of over $500 per year. Accelerating the adoption of these upgrades and capitalizing on incentives presents an opportunity for almost every home in America to lower energy bills while enhancing home comfort and health.

As the nation continues to transition toward cleaner and more renewable energy sources, the utilization of these ENERGY STAR tools and resources can assist households of all income levels in preparing for a clean energy future, while enjoying energy savings and improved home comfort today.