North Baldwin Infirmary takes the cake!


Locals loved on the employees at North Baldwin Infirmary in the sweetest way with a delivery of cakes, cookies and other treats. Organizers said it was way to share how much the community appreciates all of our healthcare heroes on the frontlines!

“Everyone wants to do something! Bay Minette is a generous community,” said Martha Ryan, who helped organize the event via social media. “It is easy to come up with an idea, but it’s the wonderful people who volunteer to make it happen.  I am truly overwhelmed by the response that we had and I know that when there is a need, our community takes the cake as well and the need is taken care of with a smile.”

One- by-one the deliveries arrived as individuals, churches and businesses showed their appreciation with a baked good, a kind word and cards of acknowledgement. There is no doubt in our community that “North Baldwin Infirmary, You Take the Cake!” A special thanks to all those who contributed to today’s delivery, which will be shared among the day and night staff at the hospital.