Robertsdale High NJROTC hosts orienteering meet at Blakeley


SPANISH FORT — The Robertsdale High School NJROTC hosted the Battle at Blakeley Orienteering Meet Saturday, Nov. 13 in Spanish Fort, finishing sixth overall.

“We want to thank everyone who participated and welcome any feedback that you may have,” said Commander Frank Starr, Robertsdale NJROTC senior instructor. Next year’s meet is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 5.

A total of 177 runners from 11 schools competed in the meet, up from 149 last year, Starr said, including teams from Robertsdale, Foley and Daphne High Schools representing Navy Junior ROTC, Air Force Junior ROTC and Army Junior ROTC units from three states.

Northview finished first in the overall team competition, followed by Pace, second; Milton, third; Pine Forest, fourth; Navarre, fifth; and Robertsdale, sixth.

Orienteering is a competition where teams of up to five cadets compete to find checkpoints on a map. Much like a cross country race, each cadet is timed individually and the top three times in each round for each team are counted. Scores are added up and the team with the lowest score is the winner.

Teams in the Blakeley meet competed on three course levels, the Yellow Course, for intermediate-level competitors; the Orange Course, what is also known as the JV course; and Green/Brown courses, which are the highest level, or varsity course (the Green course is for boys, the Brown course is for girls).

Pace finished first on the intermediate (yellow) course, followed by Northview, Milton, Pine Forest #2 and Navarre.

Northview topped the varsity (green/brown) team competition, followed by Pace, Milton, Pine Forest and Navarre.

Junior varsity (orange) course top finishers were Pace, first place; Northview, second; Pace #2, third; Pine Forest, fourth; and Navarre.

Robertsdale’s Sean Stelzer topped the junior varsity male competition with a time of 48:27, followed by Erich Amerson of Northview, 48:37; Malachi McGuay of Pearl River, 50:51; Ben Johnson, Navarre, 52:42; and Dallon Rackard, Northview, 58:01.

Additional Baldwin County finishers were: Johnny Fisher, Foley, sixth place, 59:54; Joshua Romero, Daphne, 10th, 69:42; Jonathan Hudson, Foley, 11th, 71:00; Williams Briskman, Daphne, 22nd, 85:43; Joshua Houston, Robertsdale, 24th, 88:37; Daniel Hill, Daphne, 30th, 101:42; Michael Madden, Robertsdale, 31st, 104:53; Nathan Collins, Robertsdale, 40th, 141:30.

Additional competitors included Jacob Abston and Cy Whatley of Foley; Connor Perkins and Brady Miller, Robertsdale; and Luke Jones, Daphne.

Top five finishers in the junior varsity female competition were Shasta Gurling, Pace, 48:16; Jocelyn Brock, Pace #2, 61:12; Madeline Grady, Pace #2, 86:04; Ashleigh Wingate, Pine Forest; and Ariana Bragg, Navarre.

Robertsdale was the only team from Baldwin County to compete in the junior varsity female category with Vivian Wilson finishing seventh in a time of 88:08; and Haley Wheeles, 11th, 128:09. Additional competitors from Robertsdale were Kensey Maxwell and Brooke Castleberry.

Samantha Butler-Murphy finished second overall on the varsity female course with a time of 160:32 behind Sadie Resmondo of Pace who finished in 128: 14. Abrianna Madden of Robertsdale finished third in 171:53, followed by Kendra Fenstermaker, 181:28, and Kaitlyn DeArmond, 207.10, of Navarre.

Robertsdale’s Angela Brown also competed on the varsity female course.

Top five finishers in the varsity male competition were Michael Cody, Northview, 63:00; Andrew Owens, Pace, 70:04; Ethan Kilburn, Northview, 74:41; John Bashore, Northview, 75:50; and Damien Roth, Milton, 80:34.

Robertsdale’s Andrew Prather was the only Baldwin County finisher with a time of 155:35. Robertsdale’s Anders Sudduth also competed on the varsity male course.

Top five intermediate male finishers were James Carlton, Pace, 32:19; Garrett Hayes, Pace #2, 41:29; Michael Scott, Pine Forest, 44:15; Scott Vannieuwenhoven, 46:23; and James Waller, Pace, 53:06.

Daphne fielded two teams in the intermediate male competition.

Oliver Hopton of Daphne #2 was the top Baldwin County finisher with a time of 68:08, followed by Arnold Heller, 24th, 91:18, Joshua Campbell, 25th, 100:17; and Luke Malkowski, 30th, 147:09. Hayes Cook also competed for the Daphne #2 team.

Finishers for the Daphne team included Juan Spurgen, 13th, 73:40; and Landon Ward, 15th, 76:01.

Top five finishers in the intermediate female (yellow course) competition were Alexis Parker, Pace, 50:51; Sirius Davis, Northview #2, 55:58; Raven McCarthy, Northview, 61:59; Sienna Hoyle, Pine Forest, 62:20; and Shelby Kent, Northview, 64:08.

Daphne’s Brianne Busch finished seventh with a time of 83:57, followed by Grace Godwin, 16th, 126:45. Daphne’s Emerie Smith also participated in the intermediate female competition.

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