Gulf Shores High School opens tree nursery


Gulf Shores High School campus just got a new addition: the Small Town, Big Trees Nursery. Students will work to cultivate seedlings that will eventually grace the public spaces of Gulf Shores.

The Small Town, Big Trees project is a joint effort between the City of Gulf Shores, the Gulf Shores Beautification Board, Gulf Shores City Schools and the Gulf Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council.

The project components include establishing a small nursery near the school to provide a rotating stock of tree saplings for the program. Gulf Shores High School students will work to cultivate seedlings in the school greenhouse. Seedlings will then be transplanted to 3-gallon containers and grown out in the nursery. Once sufficient stock has been grown out, saplings will be made available to the public.

The long-term goal of the community-based tree planting project is to increase the number of trees planted in the Gulf Shores area.

Funding for the programs initial costs came from the 2020 Gulf Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council Grant Program.