Baldwin County reality watch party week 3

By Melanie LeCroy
Lifestyle Editor
Posted 3/30/22

Another week of reality television and two Baldwin County residents are battling to stay in the mix. If you missed week three of Survivor or week two of MasterChef Junior, this would be a suitable …

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Baldwin County reality watch party week 3


Another week of reality television and two Baldwin County residents are battling to stay in the mix. If you missed week three of Survivor or week two of MasterChef Junior, this would be a suitable time to stop reading if you want to avoid spoilers.

Survivor Week Three
Week three of Survivor opened with Taku Tribe member Maryann revealing she earned an extra vote during last week’s Tribal Council. The very next day while out searching for an idol she finds it and has a decision to make; walk away or take a risk and keep the idol. She keeps it and quickly discovers she will have no vote during Tribal Council until all three Tribes find their idol and repeat a secret phrase during an immunity challenge.

During the immunity challenge Gulf Shores business owner Jonathan Young literally carried the Taki Tribe to victory. Tribes must retrieve a ladder from the ocean floor and use it to retrieve a key hanging over the water. After getting the key, the tribes must swim to shore with the ladder and use it to unlock a bag of sandbags which must be tossed onto platforms suspended in the air. The first two teams to complete the tasks win immunity and a reward of tools and fruit.

The show’s host Jeff Probst warns the competitors to be careful as the waves and current are turbulent. As the competition begins it is clear that this will not be easy for anyone. Young quickly recognizes his tribe’s struggle with the waves and current and acts quick to assist them. Once all tribe members reach the ladder area, Young releases the ladder and carries it to the next obstacle with his tribe in tow. The Taku Tribe reaches the second obstacle before the other two tribes can reach the ladder area.

Young holds up the ladder on his own while another tribe member climbs up to retrieve the key. The Taku Tribe makes it to shore and retrieves the sandbags quickly. Young takes the job of tossing the sandbags onto the targets.

Probst makes an unprecedented move as he stops the competition and calls the other two tribes to the shore as the water conditions are deemed too dangerous. Vati and Ika Tribes are given their keys and the competition resumes on land. In the end, Taku and Ika won immunity and Vati heads to tribal council.

Probst took a moment after the elimination challenge to commend Young on his performance.

“This has been Jonathan’s challenge from the start. Jonathan, I have seen a lot of challenges and I have never seen an individual performance like that. Nice job,” Probst said.

The Vati Tribe goes into tribal council with six members but only four can vote. With only four votes, it initially came out to a tie, with two votes for Jenny and two for Lydia. Another tie made Probst reveal that Mike and Chanelle had not been voting. The decision is left up to Hai and Daniel. Ultimately, they agree to vote out Jenny.

Young has proven his value to his tribe, but will they see him as someone that is so strong, he is a threat? Will the Ika Tribe finally find the idol? Check back next week to see what happens.

Survivor season 42 airs on CBS each Wednesday at 7 p.m. CST.

MasterChef Junior Week 2
Starla Chapman and her 14 fellow competitors were split into three teams for the second week of competition for a pizza challenge. Each team had to make as many perfect pizza’s as they could in 20 minutes. The judges stressed to the young chefs that they were looking for 10-inch round pizzas with even distribution of toppings and a perfect bake.

The teams quickly established roles and Chapman was placed on the ovens by the Green Team captain Grayson. Halfway through the challenge, Grayson pulled Chapman from the ovens and placed her on toppings, and she thanked him.

The Red Team pulled ahead quickly but the Green Team worked hard to keep pace. The White Team struggled from the start with a lack of leadership which put the team behind, and their rush caused mistakes.

When the time was up, the judges went through each pizza box to determine how many pizzas were cooked well enough to be counted for each team. The Red Team finished with 12 and the Green Team with 11. The White Team finished with 10 now facing the first mystery box elimination challenge.

With the Green and Red team watching from the safety of the balcony, the White Team found blindfolds in their mystery box which they donned as they tasted a dish created by Gordon Ramsey.

After blind tasting the salmon dish, each of the five young chefs had to recreate the dish. The judges determined that Tegan’s overcooked salmon and lackluster plating would be sending her home to Billings, Montana.

Bay Minette’s Chapman cooked her way to safety and will be on your television screen next week. Will she continue to cook her way to the $100,000 grand prize? Join Champman and her fans Thursday, March 31 for a viewing party at Pearl and Addie’s Café at 6 p.m. Pearl and Addie’s Café is located at 20 Hand Avenue in Bay Minette.

MasterChef Junior airs each Thursday on FOX at 7 p.m. CST.