Alex Warner’s Bagel Boy to open dine-in eating for ‘dope food fast’ in Foley

Lifestyle Editor
Posted 2/25/23

FOLEY — Buckle up, Baldwin bagel fans.

Bagel Boy has exciting changes coming your way.

In just over six months, Alex Warner has taken Bagel Boy in Foley from a dream to a booming …

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Alex Warner’s Bagel Boy to open dine-in eating for ‘dope food fast’ in Foley


FOLEY — Buckle up, Baldwin bagel fans.

Bagel Boy has exciting changes coming your way.

In just over six months, Alex Warner has taken Bagel Boy in Foley from a dream to a booming breakfast drive-through.

The main service his customers have come to expect is the unexpected. He has consistently expanded the menu as he builds his uniquely offered variations of meat, eggs and cheese between bagel bread. Now, he is set to premiere his next step.

Gulf Coast Media has been following Warner’s journey. The local news company was the first to step into his kitchen before opening, and we caught up with him last week amid rumblings of change and deliciousness.

Bagel Boy opened the summer of 2022 in what locals know as Katy’s Catering house on Highway 59. Warner said he initially thought it would be a good location to test his concept before moving on.

Now, he has plans to stay put.

“We had no idea it was going to take off the way it did, but since it has we’ve kind of started to evolve,” Warner said. “Originally, I had no intention of staying in this house. Shoot, I had no intention of serving more than a few dozen bagels every day to people who loved bagels and a few local shops. Now, I can’t imagine life outside of this beautiful old house.”

Bagel Boy has so far been a drive-through-only operation, but that changed Saturday, Feb. 25. Warner and his team have been focusing on getting the interior and outdoor patio ready for diners.


“Everything that they have come to expect from the drive-through, ‘dope food fast’ except now they can sit down and really take a deep look into the mind of Alex Warner and what we want to bring to our wonderful city of Foley,” Warner said. “We will be able to talk a lot more about a lot more things because I don’t have to run to another car to take an order every 30 to 40 seconds. I’m really excited about that.”

You can also expect more than good food and good conversation.

“Food is supposed to be fun. I feel like somewhere along the way that aspect has gotten a little bit lost, and I fully intend to make sure that aspect is not forgotten,” Warner said. “Whether it’s crazy flavor combinations you wouldn’t expect to go well together or just seeing some fun pop culture Easter eggs that bring you back to your childhood, I want you to have fun.” 

Crazy flavor combinations you might not expect are all over the menu for breakfast and lunch.

Originally, Warner started with bagels and schmear and then slowly rolled out a full list of breakfast bagel sandwiches like “The Great Debate” or the “Spicy Boooiiii,” a combination of Conecuh sausage, fried egg, cheddar cheese and local Southern Chili Lab schmear. Most recently, he introduced a lineup of six lunch sandwiches with names including the “A.T.C,” “The Stamos” and “Jason Alexander.” Bagel Boy also offers cold brew coffee in an array of flavors. 


The evolution of the businesses may seem quick, but it has also been strategic.

Warner has more ideas brewing and baking. When asked what’s on the horizon for Bagel Boy, Warner said, “Oh my gosh! So much. I’ve dropped a few hints already, and I’ve talked about my ideas to a good bit of people, but just wait and see. I can’t wait for everyone to see and taste what we have planned.”

Warner is active on social media and likes to keep his followers up to date on what is coming down the pipe but also asks for their feedback. While it is not a new concept for business owners to ask, they don’t always act on those suggestions. Warner does.

The most recent example of listening to his fans regards a limited menu item: a steak, egg and cheese bagel. The plan was to offer it for a limited time to pay tribute to a fast-food classic Warner enjoyed in his youth and had been retired.

Customers loved the sandwich so much they’re sold out.

Fans wanted more. Warner listened.

He prepared a new limited run, but even that wasn’t enough, so he asked his Facebook audience if it should stay. Over 100 comments later, the sandwich was added to the permanent menu.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and Bagel Boy loves you! That’s a real thing that I 100% mean. It’s not a gimmick or branding,” Warner said. “I love getting to know each and every one of my customers. I love being able to create things that people enjoy and being able to collaborate with other amazing people, and I absolutely love becoming a part of this community. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life thus far so thank you.”

Warner attributes his success to Baldwin County residents willing to support his business, and he has been a cheerleader for other local small businesses through collaborations and shout-outs on social media.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to support the little shops, restaurants and people in your community. Anything helps, from purchasing a product or service to just tagging, sharing a post or leaving a review,” Warner said. “All of it makes a huge difference. The more you support small local businesses, the more small local businesses will pop up, eventually creating an incredible culture and city or town that you will love and enjoy being a part of.”

Bagel Boy loves you, Baldwin County.