Thank you, farewell and Godspeed, Rep. Steve McMillan

The Alabama Teacher of the Year is recognized every spring because of the work he did to create the award. Veterans in Baldwin County have a safe, comfortable place to retire at the William F. Green Veterans Home in Bay Minette due to his diligence in bringing the facility to the area. The Gulf Coast Zoo opened on time because of legislation he drafted which waived sales tax saving the zoo construction costs that would have indefinitely delayed project. The Lodge at Gulf State Park exists because of his insistence. Children can no longer be held captive and abused in so-called rehabilitation centers that operated unchecked and unsupervised for decades because he worked with local police to close them. This list is just a handful of the actions that Rep. Steve McMillan spearheaded in his 42 years in the Alabama legislature. While McMillan kept his focus on ways to benefit Baldwin County and his constituents in the county’s most southern region, McMillan has demonstrated time and again that he wanted a better life for all Alabamians. He tended to weary and tired veterans who had given their all. He protected children from those who sought to destroy and harm them. He saw the beautiful, white sand beaches as an asset to protect and preserve rather than develop to extinction. With every step he has kept the interests of Alabama first. He has listened, he has called, he has investigated, and Baldwin County is a better place to live because he worked every day to make it so. And perhaps most importantly, Rep. McMillan listened to us. He returned phone calls. He sat as callers yelled in anger, sobbed in sadness and giggled with jubilation. He was straight with us and told us what he could and couldn’t fix. When he could fix it, he did. And when he couldn’t, he tried anyway. Baldwin County is a better place because of Rep. McMillan. Thank you sir, for your dedication and service. We will always be grateful.