Loss is a lesson to slow down


I first noticed you behind me today, following a little too close in your silver Toyota
SUV. When the light at 104 & 181 turned yellow and I stopped instead of
accelerating, I could tell you were pissed. You banged your steering wheel, made
a gesture and I could almost read your lips. And I understood your anger and
frustration with traffic, construction, a person ahead of you doing the speed limit, etc.

You were probably tired and hungry and heading home at 4 p.m. on a Friday.
I noticed a young child buckled in the seat next to you. Maybe you were late for
something and in a hurry to get there. I hope you'll forgive me. You see, four weeks
ago today, a friend of mine, Robert Harston, was killed by a speeding driver in South
Florida. I swore I would never speed again or run a red light if I could help it. I
would never be in such a rush that I would possibly harm someone else or someone
riding in my car. Robert was someone's son, brother, friend and coworker. We are
devastated. You would have liked him if you had known him. Robert worked as a
bus attendant on the bus for special needs kids in the Broward County Public School
system. Please say a prayer for him. Let our loss be a lesson to slow down. You'll
get there when you get there. You might be late, but better late than never.

Riva Fralick