The Fraternal Order of Eagles presents local Alzheimer’s fund with 2nd check


FOLEY – On Tuesday, July 6th, the Alabama Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and The F.O.E. #4549 joined forces once again to continue supporting local funds. A 123-year-old non-profit organization, The Fraternal Order of Eagles has been supporting a variety of organizations for over a century. Order #4549, located in Foley, takes great joy in helping local funds such as the Alzheimer’s Association. After a $1,500 donation, F.O.E. #4549 followed up with another check for $2,500. “We take great pride in helping those in need, especially locals. The F.O.E. donates 100% of money raised so we’re always actively looking to help,” Past Worthy President John Jackson said. Constantly collaborating with organizations, both locally and nationally, has allowed The F.O.E to build relationships with those in need. Bailey Duke, Developmental Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, said, “It’s great to know that people within the community are willing to give a helping hand. We know how much it means to those struggling with Alzheimer’s,” The hashtag #EndAlz has been adapted by the Alzheimer’s Association in hopes to shed light on the disease that affects more than 3 million Americans every year. While a cure has yet to be found, organizations such as The Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Alzheimer’s Association are consistently providing mental and financial support to those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

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