Little Miss HoneyBee and Young Miss HoneyBee crowned during ceremony


ROBERTSDALE, Alabama — J. Larry Newton Elementary student Brenna Schmierer was crowned 2020 Little Miss HoneyBee and Gulf Shores Middle School student Jorja Carrino was crowned 2020 Young Miss HoneyBee during a ceremony held recently in Robertsdale.

The Little Miss HoneyBee also received the titles of Little Miss Charity and Most Photogenic.

Additional members of the Queen’s Court were Julianna Pfeiffer, Robertsdale Elementary, who was also named Prettiest Hair; Eleanor McCoy, Orange Beach Elementary, Prettiest Dress; Kinley Hermecz, Florence B. Mathis Elementary School, Foley; Khloe Doffee, Foley Elementary, Prettiest Decorated Number; and Adalyn Lyles, Elsanor Elementary.

Additional awards included Prettiest Eyes, Emme Kate Lynn; Prettiest Smile, Marley Powell; and Miss Congeniality, Lucy Stejskal.

Nearly 9,000 food items were raised delivered to 22 schools throughout Baldwin County through the pageant, which also secured two scholarships for local seniors.

Special thanks to Mayor Charles Murphy and the city of Robertsdale for sponsoring the event and Hub City Florist for providing flowers.