What is Pentecost?

Dr. Ken Moore
Posted 6/10/22

What is Pentecost? Acts 2: 1- 47Most Christian churches just celebrated this past Sunday, the "day of Pentecost." What does it mean and why did it take place? There is alot of confusion on the …

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What is Pentecost?


What is Pentecost? Acts 2: 1- 47

Most Christian churches just celebrated this past Sunday, the "day of Pentecost." What does it mean and why did it take place? There is a lot of confusion on the subject. Someone said to me recently, "What we need is another Pentecost." Really? Can the day of Pentecost be repeated? There is even a denomination who call themselves "Pentecostals." What is all of this about anyway? Are all Christians Pentecostals?

Let me share with you some thoughts today on the subject. My purpose is to define and explain, and not to criticize negatively or make fun of anyone. The very word, Pentecost, means "fiftieth." Fifty days following the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit was given to the church on the day of Pentecost. This was actually a feast day of the Jewish people. A feast of "firstfruits." How appropriate! God was going to do something new in the life of the believers and followers of Jesus.

See them crowded in the "Upper Room" praying as they were told to do by Jesus. (Acts 1, Luke 21) They had been praying and talking about all the things that had taken place following the Resurrection. And then, suddenly, there came this "rushing of the mighty wind," tongues of fire sat upon each one of them, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit." (Acts 2:1-4)

Wow! What an experience! The Holy Spirit was given to the church, the believers and followers of Christ, on the day of Pentecost and in the Upper Room. The Day of Pentecost took place on the fiftieth day, on the day of firstfruits, and the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them in great power!

Now, listen carefully to what I am about to say in writing. The Day of Pentecost was a once-and-for-all historical and spiritual experience when the Holy Spirit was given to the church. It does not need to happen again, just like the Cross and the Resurrection was a once-and-for-all experience. It all happened for a purpose and it does not need to repeat itself. What we need to do is live in the afterglow of that experience!

Listen, the Holy Spirit comes into your life the moment you receive Christ into your heart and life. You are "born of the Spirit" as Jesus told Nicodemas. (John 3:7) Not only that, we are commanded as Christians in Ephesians 5:18 to be "filled with the Spirit." This happens to us many times in our Christian life. John the baptizer said, "He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 3:30) Every day we need to confess our sins and allow Him to increase within our lives. The Holy Spirit gives us that energy to live for Christ! That is why He was given, to energize us.

I am looking at an old pair of gloves I have in my garage. I am about to put them on and do some work. Those gloves are powerless and lifeless on their own to do anything. But, when I put my hands into them, they come to life and do the work they are intended to do.

When the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, He enables us to do the work God wants us to do. We cannot do it on our own. We are lifeless and powerless to do the work of God. Aah, but when He comes into our lives, we can carry out His work in the world and in His Church. His Power and His Might come to live within us! Glory!!!

Today live in the Power of Pentecost and be filled with the Holy Spirit!

Dr. Ken Moore is Pastor of Morgan's Chapel and President of KMEM Ministries, International.