Rois Francis DeShazo, Sr.


Rois Francis DeShazo, Sr., age 95, of Foley passed away quietly in the wee hours of October 1, 2022. Love-of-his-life, Mary Faye DeShazo (née Moore) predeceased Mr. DeShazo by two years.

Mr. DeShazo is survived by son Rois Jr (Ulrike) of Germany and daughter Denise (Edward) Conmey of Zionsville, Indiana, two grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Born 9th of 10 children to a poor back-woods sharecropper during the Great Depression, at 5 Mr. DeShazo was abandoned to a Baptist Orphanage near Nashville Tennessee.

Man-child at 15, he was freed to find his own way in the world. Mr DeShazo joined the US Navy on the morning of his 18th birthday and bravely fought Japan in the Pacific. Following WWII, and despite what he called “a poor 8th grade education,” Mr. DeShazo persisted until he graduated University of Memphis with a degree in Engineering. Immediately offered an Engineering position with General Motors, Mr. DeShazo worked extra hours and “climbed the ladder” until retirement 37 years later.

Moving to Foley in 1992, the multi-talented Mr. DeShazo authored a novel after having designed and built his waterfront dream home. A highly intelligent, consummate “do-it-yourselfer,” Mr. DeShazo was well-respected for “just figuring out how to do things in life.” Equipped with Boy Scout virtues, Mr. DeShazo would do most anything for friends and family. Perhaps those good moral values, patience, and persistence to overcome Life’s challenges are the three greatest things he passed along to his children and his children’s children.

Our family is grateful to know that “WWII Veteran-Dad-Grandpa-Great Grandpa” is finally at peace. A private service will be held prior to interment at the Spanish Fort military cemetery, reunited beyond death alongside Mary.

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