Riviera Utilities brings No Bucket Lunch Challenge to Foley Main Street


FOLEY - Times are tough for local businesses as more and more families are quarantining themselves at home and practicing social distancing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is causing many local businesses to feel a financial strain. At a time when locals and tourists would typically be out celebrating the spring, businesses are finding themselves closing their doors to the public.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while still serving the community, local restaurants are offering customers delivery and curbside to-go options. Some delivery services have even begun to leave food on outdoor tables, when requested, to eliminate all contact between delivery drivers and consumers. To support these local businesses during these troubled times, Riviera Utilities in Foley has begun the No Bucket Lunch Challenge.

“In an effort to help local small businesses and encourage social distancing, Riviera Utilities is ordering lunch tomorrow and several days next week from local restaurants,” said Director of Governmental Affairs and Economic Development Sherry Sullivan. “We are still open for business and our employees have to eat. We can have food delivered and help our employees maintain social distancing. But this is not just about social distancing and having a good lunch, but also helping local small businesses. Foley is working hard to build a Main Street program and this is our way to help these businesses during a difficult time.

“We want to challenge other large employers in the area to reach out to local restaurants and place delivery orders. It is so important for those of us who are continuing to work to help those that are being impacted during this crisis.”

Foley Main Street, which seeks to bring increased business and vitality to the downtown area, has kept up with businesses offering curbside and delivery options. Certain restaurants that have never offered these types of services before have now implemented them as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foley Main Street is encouraging both businesses that are offering curbside and delivery options as well as those that take up the No Bucket Lunch Challenge to share the information on the Foley Main Street Facebook Page.

“I don’t want you to dump a bucket of ice on your head, just order and pick up either lunch or dinner,” said Foley Main Street Executive Director Darrelyn Dunmore. “Our Main Street restaurants are willing to work with you; if you have a lot of employees call and set a date and work out a short menu. Take a picture and post it! And when you post it, challenge a specific business or person to the No Bucket Lunch Challenge. As a community we can support our small businesses.”

To learn more about Foley Main Street, check out www.foleymainstreet.com.

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