Bronner vs. Bentley over ‘dumb mistake’

Bob Martin Goat Hill Gazette
Posted 10/18/13

The CEO of Alabama’s state retirement systems (RSA), Dr. David Bronner, pleaded with Gov. Bentley in this months RSA newsletter to accept the millions of federal dollars the state would get to help fund health care for over 300,000 Alabamians …

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Bronner vs. Bentley over ‘dumb mistake’


The CEO of Alabama’s state retirement systems (RSA), Dr. David Bronner, pleaded with Gov. Bentley in this months RSA newsletter to accept the millions of federal dollars the state would get to help fund health care for over 300,000 Alabamians without any medical coverage, most whom cannot afford it.

Many political observers, including this one believe the governor fears that allowing that dreadful “Obama Care” into Alabama will damage his chances of being re-elected for another term. Frankly, I believe it to be just the opposite because when the voters wake up and see the full picture of what the governor has cost us, somebody will start a serious move to register those 300,000-plus folks to vote.

“The federal government will pay the Medicaid funds quarterly so you lose the first quarterly payment if you do not join the program before year-end and waiting until after the 2014 election to participate would cost the state $1.5 billion,” says Bronner. He says the state has made tremendous strides over the last 15 years “but for the sake of every Alabamian, we cannot afford to fall to the back of the bus again.”

I believe Bronner’s most compelling argument is this: “Make no mistake, if we do not let the federal government pay these medical costs, Alabamians who pay their own bills will have to pay for those who cannot.” Bronner calls not accepting our own money that we have already sent to Washington a “C’mon Man” moment in Alabama history.

Bronner concludes his writing: “It is time for the public to let the “Doc from Tuscaloosa” who ran for governor with the catchphrase ‘Alabama Needs a Doctor,” to remember the medical phrase ‘Do No Harm’ to those 300,000 or more Alabamians without insurance when this plan would save all Alabamians money.”

Blogger sued for extra marital claims

Last week a Shelby County sheriff’s deputy made what appeared to be a traffic stop as he attempted to serve blogger Roger Shuler papers in what is reported to be a lawsuit filed against Shuler by Rob Riley, son of the former governor. It has been reported that the lawsuit is about posts Shuler made on his blog The suit is reported to be about an alleged affair between Riley and a female lobbyist named Liberty Duke.

It is reported that a circuit court in Jefferson County last week ordered Shuler to cease reporting on the affair. In earlier posts Shuler reported that he was being sued by Birmingham lawyer Bill Baxley. Baxley, he wrote, was representing a woman named Jessica Medeiros Garrison. He reported that Garrison, who has worked at the State Attorney General’s office, had been engaged in a long-running affair with Attorney General Luther Strange. Shuler reports that as of last week he also had not been served with any papers in that alleged matter. These matters have been widely reported on national and state blogs and in the political newsletter Inside Alabama Politics.

Polling shows third party possibility

With the abysmal approval ratings for Congress in the latest Gallup Poll released last week, showing that 60 percent of those polled saying the Democrat and Republican parties are doing such a poor job, could a movement for a third major party become a reality.

It’s the highest Gallup has measured on that issue in the ten-year history of the question. Only 29 percent said they believe the two major parties adequately represent Americans. Perceptions that a third party is needed are shared by 52 percent of Republicans and 49 percent of Democrats.

Fired Air Force general attended Maxwell

The Air Force two-star general in charge of the service’s nuclear missile fleet has been fired following what Pentagon officials describe as “personal misbehavior.” Major Gen. Michael Carey was removed from command of the 20th Air Force and its 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles, Air Force Global Strike Command announced last Friday.

The dismissal, according to the Air Force, was due to “a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment.” Carey enlisted in the Air Force in 1978 and was later commissioned through the ROTC program at the University of Central Florida in 1983. He attended Squadron Officer School at Maxwell Air Force Base in 1986 and is a 1995 Distinguished Graduate of Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell.

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