Bert Kreischer brings the laughter: Fully Loaded Comedy Festival hits Orange Beach June 30

Lifestyle Editor
Posted 5/20/24

Bert Kreischer is everywhere these days. He is in our ears with his many podcasts, on our television with comedy specials and the infamous Tom Brady Roast on Netflix, and soon he will grace the stage …

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Bert Kreischer brings the laughter: Fully Loaded Comedy Festival hits Orange Beach June 30


Bert Kreischer is everywhere these days. He is in our ears with his many podcasts, on our television with comedy specials and the infamous Tom Brady Roast on Netflix, and soon he will grace the stage at The Wharf Amphitheater with several of his funny friends.

While he has performed in Mobile, his June 30 show this will be his first time performing on the island.

“I’ve been to Orange Beach before for the Travel Channel. We rode motorcycles, and I fell in love with it. It’s beautiful. I love all that area,” Kreischer said. “That whole part of the country to me is maybe one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find in the world.”

Kreischer and eight or nine of his comedy friends and maybe a musical pal will roll into Orange Beach for the final stop on the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival tour. The comedians we know will be with him are Whitney Cummings, Ralph Barbosa, Big Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder and Matt McCusker. Before the show, Kreischer already has a fun day planned.

“I’m so excited to bring these guys in. We’re trying to plan day activities, and I go let’s just go to the Flora-Bama and get drunk during the day. I’m hoping they have an extra mullet or two to toss,” Kreischer said. “We’re actually getting down there and then we’re going to have the buses take us straight to the beach and just party at the beach all day.”

Kreischer has taken the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival on tour several times and with so many funny comedians we asked him how he picks who joins him on tour. He said he gets help from his wife, daughters and some comedians who start texting, but the show has become a hot ticket.

“Getting an offer on this has gotten to be a real hot ticket. I got texts from the biggest comics, I got texts from guys I can’t announce who are bigger than me now that are like, ‘Yo, I want to come out and do some days, but don’t run it by my agent. I’m just going to come out and be there,’” Kreischer said. “It’s the people I want to hang around with. It really is just the best comics that the hang before and after the show, in my opinion, is funnier than the show because those guys are just hysterical all the time.”

Touring in the South with comedy is something Kreischer said doesn't happen much due to the lack of comedy clubs. He said one of his favorite aspects of the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival is introducing audiences and comedians to the South.

“I love getting out in the South and bringing these comics who don’t normally tour Alabama or Mississippi or South Carolina. The parts of Florida we’re going to, Daytona Beach, doesn’t have a comedy club,” he said. “I love bringing them out there because it doesn't step on their touring. It doesn’t step on any of their routing. Comedy is hot as a candle right now, and everyone just wants real s*** onstage.”

Going to a comedy show is one thing, but having multiple comedians to see may be a new experience for most. We asked Kreischer what people can expect. His first comment was that you will be Googling your new favorite comics all day.

“They are going to find at least three of their new favorite comics, and they’re going to be enthralled with comedy. If you’ve ever seen comedy, this is how you want to see it for your first time because there is something for everyone there,” Kreischer said. “I think people are going to walk away going, ‘I want to see more comedy.’”

Along with the surprise comics, Kreischer said he thinks a musical act will be stopping in to “bang out one of their biggest hits of the world.” Beyond that, Kreischer was very tight-lipped on the secrets.

“We’re really lucky in that musicians have tethered up with us comics, and we’re all hanging out backstage and we are all doing the same venues and texting each other and DM’ing,” Kreischer said. “I was with a guy two days ago who was like, ‘Hey man, if I’m around do you mind if I hop in and like play a couple songs?’ And you’re like, of course. They’re really wild shows.”

5 Things to know about Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer has several podcasts. One is called “Somethings Burning” where he invites celebrities and comedians into this kitchen, and he cooks for them. So, we had to ask about food.

Question from Gulf Coast Media: What is your favorite thing to cook?

Answer from Kreischer: "I love cooking steak. I’ve also changed the way I cook eggs. I used to cook eggs over easy. Now I put them on a flat top and just let them sit for a while. I really have enjoyed the consistency of the yolks. If there’s a showoff dish, I’m going to make it’s carbonara.”

Question: As a Gulf Coast native being born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, what is the most "Florida Man" thing you’ve ever done?

Answer: “I think every time I step into a Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s no Hooters and I get kicked out. I get kicked out of every Buffalo Wild Wings. That is my Florida coming out. You don’t get kicked out at Hooters, you just don’t. Buffalo Wild Wings has this Utah mentality, where like, you got to keep your shirt on. I’ve been kicked out of three in Utah for standing and drinking. You are not allowed to stand and drink in Utah. The first time was an accident. I didn’t know that it could happen. I got kicked out. The second time I was like this can’t be real. Then the third time I was like, 'I want to see you do it one more time.' The other ones are taking my shirt off.”

In total, Kreischer said he has been kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings five times, three in Utah, once in Ohio and once in Syracuse.

Question: When you are at the beach, do you prefer to lounge at the pool, lie in the sun, or are you in the water all day?

Answer: “I’m in the water all day. I can’t go to the beach and not get in the water. I can’t wear flip-flops on the sand, I can’t wear shoes on the sand. I grew up on the beach. I have rules to the way you’re supposed to be at the beach.”

Kreischer said his favorite outfit for the beach is a Speedo because you can glide through the water like a dolphin.

Question: Is there a city or country that you haven’t performed in yet that is at the top of your list?

Answer: “I’ve hit everywhere I’ve ever imagined performing. I got an offer to perform in Dubai, and I was really excited. Then I found out that I had to keep my shirt on or go to jail, so I’m on the fence about Dubai. I’d like to perform in India, and that’s it really. I’ve hit everywhere.”

Question: What is the toughest comedy show crowd you’ve encountered?

Answer: “I’ll tell you that Scandinavia can be a very quiet room. They listen, smile, nod and they clap. English isn’t their first language. The joke doesn’t get to them right away. If you start your European tour in Scandinavia, you’ll be in your head all tour. You have got to start in England or Ireland.”