Baldwin County Reality Watch Party Week 5: Bay Minette's Starla and Gulf Shore's Jonathan still in the running

By Melanie LeCroy
Lifestyle Editor
Posted 4/13/22

Did you catch last week's Survivor or MasterChef Junior? If not, this would be a suitable time to stop reading if you want to avoid spoilers.Survivor Week FourBaldwin County's Jonathan Young or as …

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Baldwin County Reality Watch Party Week 5: Bay Minette's Starla and Gulf Shore's Jonathan still in the running


Last week's "Survivor" had some nail-biting moments for Jonathan Young and "MasterChef Junior" was a cake doughnut walk for Starla Chapman. If you missed last week's episodes stop reading now and go watch. Now let's get into what happened last week.

'Survivor' Week Five

In week five of "Survivor," it became clear that there are people who know how to play the game and a few that do not. The episode opened with the Ika Tribe discussing the last tribal council where Swati was voted off the island. Rocksroy asks his tribe members to explain why Swati was voted off and what she had been up to. He soon realizes he is not playing the social part of the game well because he was clueless to Swati's schemes.

Day 10 starts off rainy on the island and Baldwin County's Jonathan Young and his Taku Tribe members are spending time together in their shelter. Maryann and Lindsey pass the time chatting and laughing. It is clear their incessant talking is getting under Young's skin. During a confessional, Young speaks to his frustration but says he must tread lightly. He doesn't want to be the six-foot 2-inch, 250-pound man that yells at the small Maryann. He said being labeled the bad guy would be the end for him.

Within the three tribes there is a lot of talk about a possible merger. Ika Tribe's Drea found the tribe's idol before the immunity challenge. When the tribes arrive at the immunity challenge all three tribe members in possession of idols recite their secret phrases. The idols are now active.

The immunity challenge requires each tribe member to go up and over a tall net. Then one tribe member must unravel a braided rope to release a key. The key unlocks a machete which releases sandbags. After gathering all the sandbags, the tribes move to a large slingshot where they must fire the sandbags at two targets. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and a tarp.

Taku has dominated the majority of the challenges so far, but now they struggle. When they reach the braided rope, Omar steps up to complete the task and moves slowly. The Ika Tribe takes the lead early and completes the puzzle before the Vati tribe makes it off the rope and finishes the challenge before Omar completes the puzzle for Taku.

Young gets frustrated at Omar and must walk away as his tribe mate struggles. Vati completes the puzzle and moves on to the sandbags. Omar finally finishes and Young takes the reigns and quickly catches up. He reaches the slingshot as the Vati tribe knocks one target down. Vati struggles to hit the final target but Young does not. He quickly takes down the two targets.

Ika takes first place and wins a large tarp. Taku finishes second and wins a small tarp and both win immunity. Vati loses and will head to tribal council but first they go back to camp and work out who to vote off the island.

At tribal council there is a bit of excitement when host, Jeff Probst, opens the vote vessel to reveal a tie; two votes for Chanel, two votes for Daniel and one vote for Mike. Probst tells the tribe they must vote again but can only vote for Chanel or Daniel. The duo on the chopping block must sit out the vote and hope. Probst once again opens the vote vessel and pulls out two consecutive votes for Daniel. Probst calls Daniel up and extinguishes his torch.

Will Young be able to keep his cool with his chatty tribe mates? Will next week bring a merger? Check back next week to see what happens.

"Survivor" season 42 airs on CBS each Wednesday at 7 p.m. CST.

'MasterChef Junior' Week Four

Week four of "MasterChef Junior" started with the introduction of a special guest, Gordon Ramsay's daughter Tilly. Ramsay unveils a wall of doughnuts which has all 13 young chefs screaming with delight. Their challenge is to make 50 doughnut holes that feature two flavors of the chef's choice and they must stack the doughnut holes into a tower in just 60 minutes.

Bay Minette's Starla Chapman gets to work on her nutmeg and sugar and coconut doughnut holes. Several of the young chefs create interesting flavors like Andrew's lemon doughnut holes with matcha and hibiscus glaze. Some choose to keep it simple like Freddy, who opts to make vanilla and chocolate.

As the clock ticks away, Tilly and the judges, Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez and Daphne Oz, visit with all the competitors. The judges are worried that Freddy isn't moving fast and is eating his doughnut holes. He spent too much time flirting with Tilly. The 12-year-old asked Tilly what she thinks about American boys and offers to show her around his hometown of Philadelphia.

With just minutes left, all the competitors are scrambling to complete their towers. The judges call forward Eva with her lemon poppyseed doughnuts and rosewater doughnuts and compliment her skill with the rosewater as her doughnuts do not taste like soap. Next to be called forward is Chapman with her coconut doughnuts and nutmeg and sugar doughnuts. Ramsay likes her doughnuts lightness and says her tower is the most beautiful. Grayson is called forward next with his matcha and black sesame doughnuts and blackberry, lemon and thyme doughnuts. Last to be called forward is the youngest cook Ivy with her strawberry and orange doughnuts. The top three chosen win immunity and have the privilege of watching the mystery box challenge from the safety of the balcony. The judges announce the three winners as Eva, Ivy and Chapman.

The mystery box includes monkfish, octopus, crickets, frog legs and several other stinky or strange food items. The 10 competitors are given one hour to make a dish highlighting one of the foods in the box. Many adults have never cooked some of the food items, but the young chefs get to work and create some winning and losing dishes. The young chefs up for elimination are Freddy, Molly, Mclain and Andrew. In the end Mclain's grilled octopus with spicy Israeli couscous, spicy chimichurri, baked sunchokes and braised carrots sends him home.

Will Chapman continue to cook her way to the top in week five? Join Chapman and fellow "MasterChef Junior" competitor A'Dan to watch the next episode at Pearl and Addie's Café April 14 at 6 p.m. Pearl and Addie's Café is located at 20 Hand Avenue in Bay Minette.

"MasterChef Junior" airs each Thursday on FOX at 7 p.m. CST.

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