Baldwin County reality watch party week 4

By Melanie LeCroy
Lifestyle Editor
Posted 4/6/22

Did you catch last week's Survivor or MasterChef Junior? If not, this would be a suitable time to stop reading if you want to avoid spoilers.

Survivor Week FourBaldwin County's Jonathan Young or …

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Baldwin County reality watch party week 4

Chef Gordon Ramsey checks in on Jillian's rice as Starla Chapman, left, listens closely.
Chef Gordon Ramsey checks in on Jillian's rice as Starla Chapman, left, listens closely.
Photo Source: MasterChef Junior / Facebook

Did you catch last week's Survivor or MasterChef Junior? If not, this would be a suitable time to stop reading if you want to avoid spoilers.

Survivor Week Four
Baldwin County's Jonathan Young or as some of his competitors called him during week four, Thor, continues to dominate the challenges. While his domination is great for his Taku Tribe members and their bellies, it may have put a target on his back.

Week four featured an additional reward-only challenge that challenged the tribes communication skills once again. Three tribe members were attached to a braided rope they had to work together to untangle and then use to snag a sled they pulled themselves in. Then, each tribe member had to toss a ball into a basket on top of a pole. The first team to complete the task received a reward of 10 freshly caught fish delivered to their camp.

Young and the Taku Tribe took the lead early as Young led his tribe and they made quick work of unbraiding the rope. Young snagged the sled and the tribe worked to pull it in. They landed all four balls into the basket and won the challenge.

Host Jeff Probst called it another domination by Young. While his tribe members are happy with the reward, Maryann and Omar shot eye darts at Young as he told Probst how close the tribe is and how great they are together. He said they fear the other tribes will try to split them up somehow.

Young is featured in a classic Survivor confessional after the reward challenge, and he spoke about his upbringing. Young talks about how his father instilled competition and physical fitness in him and his brother at an early age.

The three tribes are each dealing with alliances, backstabbing and lying leading into the immunity challenge. It is at the start of the immunity challenge that Young is called Thor by one of the opposing tribes.

The week's immunity challenge involved two tribe members pulling a boat through the water with two other tribe members inside to a tall tower platform. The two in the boat had to climb up the tower, jump off and grab keys hanging over the water. The tribe then had to race to the finish and use the keys to unlock puzzle pieces. The first two tribes to complete the puzzle received immunity.

As soon as the challenge began, Young pulled the boat as Maryann swam alongside because she is unable to keep up with Young's speed. Taku Tribe made it to the puzzle platform before the other teams and are halfway through the puzzle challenge before Ika Tribe made it to the puzzle platform. The Vati Tribe is last to the puzzle platform but set to work and quickly caught up to the Ika Tribe. Taku finishes first and Vati finishes second, sending the Ika Tribe to tribal council.

At tribal council, the contestants spoke about the dynamics of the Ika Tribe and how their vibe is off and there is a lack of trust. The issues were blamed on Swati playing all sides and forming alliances with many and Swati blamed Tori. In the end, the tribe votes Swati off the island.

Can Young and the Taku Tribe continue to dominate every challenge, or will there be a shakeup that shifts tribe members? Young is seen as the strongest competitor by the other tribes so will they work to vote him off the island? Check back next week to see what happens.

Survivor season 42 airs on CBS each Wednesday at 7 p.m. CST.

MasterChef Junior Week Three
Bay Minette's Starla Chapman and her 13 fellow competitors arrive at a Renaissance Fair to find Gordon Ramsey and Aaron Sanchez dressed as knights, on horseback jousting each other. They are joined by Daphne Oz, the Renaissance Queen. The contestants enjoy the fun and fanfare until it is time to learn about the challenge that lies ahead.

The contestants are split into two teams of seven. Two team captains are chosen, Eva (Blue Team) and Mclain (Red Team) and they select their team. The challenge is to prepare a classic Renaissance Fair meal featuring a protein on a bone for 50 people. First the team must also prepare Scotch eggs for 50. The feast-goers will cast a vote to determine the winning team.

Chapman is chosen by the Blue Team and is assigned to Scotch eggs with Andrew. The egg Ramsey checks is raw, so they correct the cook time. The remaining team members work on their meal which consists of chicken legs with rice and Brussel sprouts. The Red Team agreed on a meal that features pork chops with cooked red cabbage and smashed potatoes.

The teammates complete their Scotch eggs and serve them to the festival goers and then rejoin their team. The judges visit each kitchen and find issues. Mclain is not leading the Red Team and chooses to give A'Dan the team captain job.

At the judge's tasting, each team is given advice and criticism before heading back to their kitchens to regroup and make corrections. With only 60 minutes for the challenge the time ticked by quickly. Each team encountered problems like overcooked rice and then running out of rice, undercooked chicken and under seasoned components.

In the end the Red Team is victorious and Chapman and her Blue Teammates face elimination. The judges announced the bottom four: Eva, Andrew, Jillian and Chapman. Ultimately, Jillian is cut from the competition for running out of rice during the challenge.

Chapman was in the bottom in week three, but will she come back next week and shine? Check back next week to see what happens.

MasterChef Junior airs each Thursday on FOX at 7 p.m. CST.